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Hi. My name is Andreea Strineholm and you just entered my virtual home. I have created this website because I wanted a place for myself where I can share my portfolio and my personal experience as I like it. 

I am a visual designer who had experienced several artistic domains during the 24 years of my existence, so I find it very hard to exactly describe who I am. But please take a sit, so we can go together and discover my journey. 

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Stage & 

Costume Design

Always looking to develop my skills, I switched direction from Graphic Art to Scenography, where I have been involved in many film and theatre performances. 

Graphic Arts

During my education, I had the opportunity to play with my artistic abilities, so I could find myself through different types of art expression.



Read About My Experiences


When I travel, I take a lot of pictures and impressions. This is what you will find here.

Student Life

I like writing about things that I learn. I am also a Master's student, so click here to learn as well.


Life is giving to me a mixture of different experiences, which you will see in this category.